Archive, Education and Resources

TWENTY FOUR HOURS OF PEACE only happened once  – but every single one of the thousands of  words that made up that live performance  is still available  to anybody who wants to explore either the performance itself or the stories and issues behind it further.

You can access our archive and  our education resources in these three different ways;

1. The British Library

The British Library holds a publicly accessible archive of the complete script of TWENTY FOUR HOURS OF PEACE – all 237,000 words of it –  together with a complete set of  unedited transcripts of Neil Bartlett’s original 100 interviews. It also holds a complete set of audio recordings of those interviewees, and this website will also be archived there. Please send any enquiries about the archive to:

2. Resonance FM

The full live recording of Twenty Four Hours of Peace is available via Resonance FM ; to help you navigate that recording and to help you locate particular voices and stories, Neil has written an hour-by-hour guide to the recording which you can also access by using the link below. In addition, Resonance FM will be broadcasting a documentary feature by Geoff Bird entitled MAKING PEACE HAPPEN, an audio collage which takes you behind the scenes  and features interviews with Neil Bartlett as well as with some of the performers and members of the public who were there. It will be broadcast on Monday 30 December 2019 at 9pm and repeated Wednesday 1 January 2020 at 9pm.


3. Inspiration for Education

The peace-makers who Neil Bartlett met  and interviewed while he was creating this project told him some extraordinary stories about their lives and their work. So that their words can now be  used as an effective education  resource, he has written some personal notes to go with four podcasts that he  and editor  Eloise Whitmore have created from those original interviews. They are intended to provoke and structure discussion around the themes, of peace, activism and commitment. You can find the podcasts  – and Neil’s notes here.

All of the notes are available as downloadable PDFs.

Definitions of Peace
One word; different meanings

One woman’s protest

Susan and Arthur
Peace in Ireland

Passion and Conviction