24 Hours
of Peace



Remembrance Sunday  2019 is going to feature  an extraordinary new work of art. 

Starting at eleven o’clock on the morning of November 10th , the words of 100 contemporary peace-workers are going to be delivered live from the stage of Manchester’s iconic Royal Exchange Theatre ; a flood of testimony that will then continue for the whole of the next twenty-four hours. Their words will also be broadcast live – for the whole of the twenty-four hours, without a break  – on national radio station Resonance FM, so that people across the country can join in and listen.

From the UK-backed bombs falling in Yemen to the murder of Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee, from rising UK figures for hate-crime to the rising violence of UK politics, conflict is everywhere this year. Meanwhile, writer and director Neil Bartlett has been seeking out peacemakers, talking to them and recording their words. Activists and educators ; faith leaders and local government officials ; ex-soldiers and housewives– right across the country and beyond. All of their stories are different; all of them deserve to be heard. They are the stories of people determined to make a change;  stories about making peace a reality, no matter how dangerous the world gets.

This day and night of sharing their words will be a unique event – a collective act of witness to the work of peace. Whether you come and join it live in Manchester, or tune in live to the event  on the radio, we hope you will choose to be part of it.

Full funders list: Arts Council of England, Royal Exchange Theatre, Resonance FM, Thomas Carter Projects, John S Cohen Foundation, Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust, Manchester City Council