24 Hours
of Peace

NOVEMBER 10/11 2019


TWENTY FOUR HOURS OF PEACE was a 237,000-word-long act of witness to the work of peace.

It only happened once – on Remembrance Sunday, November 10th, 2019. Created by writer and director Neil Bartlett , it was staged live as a marathon performance at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. That performance was also   broadcast – all twenty-four hours of it –  by Resonance FM. In the course of 24 uninterrupted  hours,   a team of 48 artists and community members took it in turn to bring to life the testimony of one hundred British peace-workers who Neil had interviewed in the course of the previous year. To find out more about this extraordinary work of art – to hear about the people behind those testimonies –   and to access that unique live recording –  just follow the links below.