Definitions of Peace

A collection of different – and conflicting – definitions of this one elusive word.

Background; Caesar Nyeko Poblicks works for Conciliation Resources, a leading conflict-resolution and peace-building NGO based in London . Zarina Khan works in Whitehall, where she has just got her first job as Civil Servant ;   Almas Farsi is a Kurd from Iran  who now works for Asylum Welcome, a community-based organisation providing support and advice for immigrants and sylm seekers in Oxford.

Suggestions for discussion ;

Caesar – who saw the LRA( the Lord’s Resistance Army) destroy his homeland in Northern Uganda – talks about a very personal vision of peace. If Neil asked you the same question – what is peace – how would you answer, from your own experience ?

Zarina – who works for the Government on “gender mainstreaming “ – say she thinks the idea of peace has to connect with the idea of justice – especially justice for women in places of conflict. What is “gender mainstreaming “ ? Why do we need it ?  Zarina also asks why is it that men are the dominant players in armed conflict . What do you think about what she says ? And what about Neil’s question to her about how you define war – and peace – once you move beyond the idea of armed conflict, How would you answer that  same question ?

Almas – originally from Iran and then Iraq – says the UK has a long history of welcoming those fleeing from conflict and seeking peace . Do you agree ? Do you agree that we have a basic duty to provide safety to whoever needs it , wherever they are from ? He talks about contributing to a peaceful society….what would your contribution be ? What about Neil’s question as to whether this is a peaceful country – what would your answer be ?

You can download these notes here:

Definitions of Peace PDF

You can find out more about Caesar and his work here ; about Zarina and her work here; and about Almas and his work here.