Background; Audrey Layton is an 87-year-old great-grandmother and ex-Primary School headmistress who spent time in prison during the 1980’s after protesting against nuclear missiles at Greenham Common Airbase.

Suggestions for discussion; Audrey says it’s not enough to just remember the past, you have to think about the future. What do you think she means ? The podcast asks you what you think a peacemaker looks like – well, what’s your answer ? Can you think of other examples of women working for peace ? ( if not – why not ?!?). What do you know about Greenham Common and the protests there – and how could you find out more ? Audrey says she was “ roused” to join the protest there – what role do you think anger and “being difficult” can play in the work of peace ?

You can find out more about Audrey here. If you want to know more about Greenham Common, then you could also look up the testimony of 24 Hours of peace interviewee Beeban Kidron – and if you are interested in other female peace activists  then look up Lindis Percy and Diana Francis.

You can download these notes here: